Today, Industrial Co. has established new pathways for the dramatic growth and increased profitability of its existing businesses without requiring high levels of capital expenditure. The new CEO leveraged Alder resources to help move his vision into action crisply and quickly, while producing the following results:

  • The initial strategic initiatives have been launched, and these alone will achieve over $650 million in incremental annual revenues and over $275 million in improved annual profitability
  • An Enterprise Program Office has been established, institutionalizing philosophies and processes that will continue to generate and sustain what has been begun. It has recently launched the second wave of enterprise initiatives targeting more business growth and improved internal capabilities
  • The organization is living the cultural shift to “Dual Responsibility” through practical, business based activities
  • Through the initial strategic initiatives, high potentia leaders have been developed and stepped into new business roles. Upcoming initiatives will be vehicles for the ongoing development of new leaders
  • A generative, engaged network has been established, allowing for the collaboration and synergy of people who knew little about other Industrial Co.’s businesses or their leaders prior to the effort

The initiatives and their accomplishments are completely owned by the businesses, rather than being perceived as “the consultants’ program”, and it all has been achieved with a consulting budget well below 1% of one year’s profit improvements from the original strategic initiatives