Juan Pablo Mobili - Affiliate

Juan Pablo Mobili is a consultant who promotes partnership, vision, and integrity as critical elements for reaching ambitious organizational goals. He provides businesses in Latin America, Europe, and the United States with opportunities for ongoing success by offering programs and individual coaching, designed to develop individual and team leadership, and innovative company-wide strategies.

Juan’s work has significant impact. His diversity awareness programs for Coca Cola USA and Sprint examined attitudes that limit organizational greatness and focused on tools and processes to achieve profound alignment and effective talent development. Juan’s efforts in organization renewal and the articulation of new strategic platforms have increased alignment and employee motivation for clients like Hewlett Packard, Warner Lambert, Wyeth.

His experience includes leadership development and coaching internal consultants, for G.E. Capital, United Technologies and Aventis, in Latin America, Europe and the United States,. He’s also being involved in delivering programs for Citigroup and ING managers, in the Americas and Europe, to increase people’s capacity to navigate complex organizational politics and cause meaningful and lasting change.

Currently, Juan is actively involved in consulting The Colomer Group, a global company based in Barcelona, Spain, on articulating and executing their global vision and strategic mission, and developing a template for their next generation of senior leaders throughout Europe, USA, and Latin America.

Juan was educated in Argentina and the U.S. with emphasis on Philosophy of Language and Social Anthropology. He has also been very active as a writer, having published poems, articles, and translations in literary and business publications in Argentina, Spain and United States. As a result of this pursuit, Juan has developed his own brand of individualized executive coaching focused on providing leaders with a deep sense of their unique contribution, and the capacity to inspire others to reach their own potential.

Translating works to and from Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese enhances Juan’s understanding of the nuances of language and culture in globalized business communication. He is also the director of an international book collection whose concern with reconciling our sense of personal authenticity with the obligations of business and community echoes the respect Juan extends in his commitment to provide lasting and meaningful organizational impact.