Ravi Pradham - Affiliate

Ravi Pradhan brings years of experience as a manager, entrepreneur, consultant and social change agent. He has lived, studied and worked in the US and Asia, and brings an intimate experience of both the corporate and social non-profit sectors. Ravi is one of the founders of Appreciative Inquiry Consulting, LLC. In all his consulting engagements Ravi brings a practical blend of approaches from the world of business, social change, and international development.

Among Mr. Pradham’s more interesting projects is a UNICEF/Columbia University project to improve the quality of emergency obstetrics and maternity care in government hospitals in South Asia. As the regional project consultant in South Asia, he has introduced a very innovative and successful approach to initiate and nurture organizational change. In addition he is also training a network of in-country facilitators to replicate and scale-up the effort to bring about a process of positive change in hospitals.

Since late 2002, he started consulting with the UN HIV/AIDS effort to develop leadership competencies, build coalitions and craft innovative strategies in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa and the Arab States. While based in Nepal, Ravi started his own consulting company called Karuna Management. The company worked with the major agencies involved in development in Nepal, such as USAID, UNICEF, UNDP, DFID, DANNIDA, Asia Foundation, Danish Red Cross, and others. A key focus was institutional development. In addition, he designed and led dozens of short-term courses for management, leadership, team work and project design, implementation and evaluation.

Ravi has an MBA from the University of Delhi. Over the past two decades, his work experiences span retail banking and real estate in Hawaii, small family owned businesses in Nepal, management education in the US; and OD consulting in Asia. He also co-founded two very successful non-profits in Nepal.