Tom Lutes - Affiliate

Tom Lutes has 37 years experience as a management consultant with global corporations and executives in diverse industries such as consulting, chemicals, energy, insurance, food products, aerospace, telecommunications, and financial services. He is widely known for his expertise in leading large scale culture and organizational transformation, leadership development and building high performance cross-functional teams that work together to produce consistent outstanding results.

In 1993,Tom started his own management consulting company. He has developed an extensive international practice with major corporations and start-ups in Russia, Japan, China, Malaysia, United States, England, Canada, Mexico, and Greece. Tom’s clients include McKinsey, AT&T, Intel, DeBeers, Cargill, Andersen Consulting, Allianz Life, Capital One, DuPont and Lockheed Martin. A highly skilled trainer and consultant, he has trained over 200,000 participants in his career.

Tom’s personal commitment is to assist leaders in creating an environment and culture that will enable them to excel, be highly competitive, and distinguish their corporation from all other competitors.

Tom earned a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of California at Berkeley in 1965. He also obtained his master’s degree in Interpersonal Communication from San Diego University in California in 1969. In 2008 he received his Black Belt in the martial art Aikido.