Laura Pedro - Partner

For over twenty-five years, Laura Pedro has helped leaders of Fortune 500 companies
stimulate breakthroughs in their businesses. Today she works primarily with senior
executive teams. Her clients tap the power of human commitment by simultaneously
addressing strategic business issues and the leadership and culture issues that surface
during implementation. Her broad range of experience, including successful leadership
development, culture change, new product time-to-market projects, and strategy
implementation, gives her the skills needed to design and deliver engagements that
produce both concrete financial results and the shift in human relationships that lead to
sustained success.

Laura has multi-industry experience, including such companies as GE, Sears, NFO
Worldgroup (now a subsidiary of TNS), Catalent Pharma Solutions, Allstate Insurance
Co. and Tektronix. She has worked with global companies with locations in North
America, Asia-Pacific and Europe. She spent two years living in Europe working with
the challenges of a merged organization as it shifted to a Pan-European strategy. She
also helped Islandwood (a non-profit that works with schools to provide science, art and
technology education in an outdoor setting) create a program that supplements their
grants and donations by working with for-profit businesses.

Prior to co-founding Alder Associates, Laura was a Vice President and Partner at
Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), where she led the Organization Transformation
Group. Previously, she was a Vice President of CSC Index Consulting. During her
time with CSC, she was responsible for the results of major engagements with clients
including BP/Mobil, Lockheed Martin and General Motors.

Laura’s recently co-authored with Marshall Goldsmith, Kathy Greenberg and Ken
Blanchard the book, Ready, Aim, Excel, the expert insights weekly guide to personal
and professional leadership. It was an international best-seller and best-seller in three
categories on

Laura also works with the Boards and selected staff members of local non-profits to
help them create clear strategy and navigate through transitions from one stage of
development to the next. Over the last three years, she has worked with the Executive
Directors and/or Boards of over 12 non-profits in the Portland area. She serves as a
member of the Board of Directors of Our House of Portland.